Along with the power of the celebrity and the earning, the Forbes Magazine also takes into account the status. This is done by evaluating the number of times the respective personality has appeared in the print, radio, TV and other social media.   

With Oprah in the first place, the second place is occupied by Beyonce Knowles while the third position is taken by James Cameron. Beyonce Knowles, the popular singer and the fashion celebrity occupied the second place with a total earning of $ 87 million whereas James Cameron won the third place with the total earning of $210 million. He also acquires this position for his Avatar feat.

For the first time Lady Gaga, the pop singer makes an entry and gets the position among the top five. She is expected to be in the fourth position with an earning of $62 million. For a second time, Tiger woods occupied the fifth position and the golfer made an earning of $105 million during the span of one year.